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Game of Chefs

REAL Chefs... REAL Kitchens... REAL Food... A cooking battle of epic proportions


The Harem, inspired by numerous cults in Israel and around the world, is a gripping drama about two young women who are drawn into a mysterious cult, and their battle to escape.

Mossad 101

An action-filled drama about the most powerful intelligence agency academy in the world and the people who dream of becoming Mossad agents.

Game of Chefs: Bakery edition

Four chefs search for Israel’s next gourmet baker. All the action of Game of Chefs, with a crunchy twist!


Gily and Tamar are your everyday Israeli couple, raising their 5-year-old daughter. There’s just one small difference: He’s of Ethiopian descent, and she’s Ashkenazi. These two sides make for one big hilarious family.

The 80’s

Set in the colorful 80’s, two brothers with a dream of making it as comedians live in a colorful melting pot of immigrants. A hilarious look at Israel in the 80’s, the series quickly became a favorite with Israeli viewers.

Little Monsters

They are small and sneaky. They will not let go until they get what they want, and they know exactly how to get it, because… they are your kids. In this show, the parents are real and the kids are – Little Monsters!

The Best of All

A new and innovative shiny-floor game show that aims to find out if the “Wisdom of the Crowd” really works.

Tzvika Has a Problem

Tzvika Hadar was once one of Israel’s brightest stars. Now, he is on the verge of becoming a has-been. Add raising five kids to the mix, and you have the starting point for the hilarious dramedy “Tzvika Has a Problem.”


An uncompromising search for the meaning of motherhood in today’s world.

Game of Chefs: On the Road

Game of Chefs is taking its show on the road! Israel’s three top chefs and the stars of the hit cooking reality show venture out on a culinary contest, competing head to head (to head) for the heart of Israeli diners around the country.

Fast Cash

An innovative game show where questions are not based on general knowledge but on free association, and the reward is immediate – 50 cash machines stacked with money and ready to go!


A comedy series about a couple coping with their newborn baby – and what’s left of their relationship after “the bundle of joy” brings everything crashing down.

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Reshet Is The Fastest Growing Broadcaster in Israel With 20% year-on-year Growth And The Leading Broadcaster In Group Viewing Per Rating Point, Reshet Is Also The Youngest Broadcaster (Per Viewers By Age) With This Segment continuesly Significantly Growing.

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